If they think humans cannot affect the climate, then why are they opposed to letting others try to reverse what they view as a myth?

Answer: Some are simply people who flunked science in school and have a grudge against those who take the time to educate themselves. You don’t have to have a college education. You just have to be willing to crack a book other than the Bible.

1424210211877They claim it is about control. So they want the right to poison the air you breathe, the water you drink, and the soil in which your food is grown? This makes them crazy and stupid at best and mass murders at worst.

Why are they fighting so hard to stop the reversal of climate change? Why don’t they step aside, get out of the way and let us save the Earth without obstructing us?

Answer: Some are on the payroll of oil and coal companies. Polluters. Let’s call this by its proper name. Evil.

Do you understand the stakes?

If we want to leave a habitable world for our grandchildren and if we want our grandchildren to live long enough to pass the Earth along to their grandchildren, then we need to completely take apart the opposition to reversing climate change and global warming. Not one denier must be allowed to spread attitudes that will kill us all. The victims of the Nazi Holocaust adopted a merciless attitude toward the supporters of genocide. We all must do no less to stop the genocide of the human race.

Who is a climate change denier?

A climate change denier is someone who does not understand the issue but has made up their mind about the science before they have seen or heard it.

What is climate change?

scientists-clues-printClimate change is a lasting and significant alteration in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years. It may be a change in average weather, or in the distribution of weather around the average conditions — for example, more or fewer extreme weather events.

Right now, a lot of all-time records are being set and the trend seems to be global warming (but global cooling could later be triggered). The denier need go no further than to the nearest home gardener and ask them about the changing of frost zones. Actual climate has changed.

3 Kinds Of Climate Change Deniers:

1) The ignorant. They are just ignorant of the science and either do not understand it or have not done their research well. People in this category listen to whatever media outlet (Fox, Beck, Rush) spoon feeds them about science and the world and believe everything that ignorant politicians say to them. Some can be educated and will change their opinions others cannot and they fall into catagory 2.

2) The head in the sand. The ostrich more or less puts their fingers in their ears and shout la la la I’m not listening. It’s all natural, natural climate change is all natural. What do you mean CO2 is going up far quicker than it should be? It’s all natural. What do you mean that the greenhouse effect causes warming? It’s all the sun. What do you mean the sun is stable? Mars is warming up. What do you mean that is caused by changes in its orbit? That is just madness.

3) The arrogant. These people are usually very smart. They are doctors, dentists, vets, engineers, patent attorneys and others who are good at their jobs and are very intelligent. They do however have the problem that they think they know everything and think they know more about climate science than climate scientists. They cherry pick bits if data and parts of papers to form their own views usually putting them into blogs and twist it to fit their own arguments. They ignore counter arguments. When someone says “we don’t know” about one item having something to do with climate science, they take this to signify that the whole of climate science is wrong. The truth is if we knew everything about climate change we wouldn’t do climate change research. Every journal that publishes a “this is probably not going to be as bad as we thought” is latched onto and put forward as the whole idea of global climate change being wrong. They inversely ignore every journal that says “this is probably going to be worse than we thought”.